Signature Brew Coffee Roastery

  • Signature Brew Coffee Roastery

633 W Main St
Sylva, NC 28779 USA
(828) 587-6300


4/5 stars

I suppose I shouldn't review this place *yet*, because I know we'll be stopping here again. But the reason I'm so sure we'll stop here needs noted: Gluten-free cupcakes. Good ones.

I had a lemon GF cupcake with a light raspberry creme frosting. While a little beaniness from the flour crept through, it actually was a good balance for the crisp lemon flavor. The raspberry creme frosting was sweet but not cloying. Very good, likely the best gluten-free cupcake I've had.

The coffee's quite good, too. I was too interested about the cupcakes to ask the coffee's origin. It's either a melange of a light-roast clean bean (Central American?) with a darker smoky bean (who knows), or a high-grade SE Asian island coffee (good PNG?) at a City roast. Moderate acidity with a nice smoky accent.

So I suspect this coffee shop will become a regular stop en route to the in-laws. Rating may go up on future visits…

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