Shenandoah Pizza

  • Shenandoah Pizza

19 E Beverley St
Staunton, VA 24401 USA
(540) 213-0008


4/5 stars

I was only there once on a road-trip, but their take on Hawaiian pizza was really good. The ingredients tasted fresh, which is a nice change from most food I had on that trip. The crust gets a little soggy, but that's the most difficult part of making a pizza. My slices were appropriately oily for that type of pizza, and not at all heavy. I may have grabbed those slices at just the right time. Pizza places are hard to judge on single stops, but I'd like to try them again if ever back through Staunton.

Also, the walls were covered by work from local artists. If I had a disposable income, I might have picked up a few nice oil pieces. But, alas, I don't, and they were priced appropriately.

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