Shen Hua

2914 College Ave
Berkeley, CA 94705 USA
(510) 883-1777


4/5 stars

Well-executed Americanized Chinese food. The fried squid appetizer is *fantastic*, with just enough jalapeno in the batter for extra flavor. The pot stickers have the crunch that I never manage to master. Won-tons are won-tons, well-done but not thrilling. The house-made noodle main dish we had was pretty good with a curried spiciness that built as you ate more. Good tea smoked duck. The Hong-Kong-style fried noodles are quite good, although they could use more of the pak choi and a tad more meat (or smaller pieces). Standard but good sweet and sour soup and walnut prawns. You likely will have many left-overs if you go with a group and family style. Nice for a group.

And the standard yellow walls. sigh. Seems nearly a requirement that restaurants have yellow walls in California.

Yelp tags: Chinese Food Delivery Services Ethnic Food

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