Seaside Restaurant & Crab House

224 Crain Hwy N
Glen Burnie, MD 21061 USA
(410) 760-2200


2/5 stars

It's been long enough that I can write this with hindsight and not in anger.

First: Do not come here as a large group. They refuse to split the check between tables. No, not between people, between *tables*. Their money-maker spreads legs across a table, so figure that one out. Calling ahead doesn't help with garnering tables with any alacrity.

Second: Seriously sad seafood, sorry. Sure they have crabs. That really isn't a big deal. Many people get crabs at one point or another. They're not dungeness or king, so there's not much for getting all bothered. The shrimp? eh. All are far from the boats but with carnal knowledge of the freezer.

Third: This establishment follows in the area's hatred of all things vegetable. Want green beans fresh from the 49 cent can heated by a lamp? They've got it.

Two stars for not making me physically ill even with the oil slick food. I'm feeling pity. I've known too many shacks right at docks that put this place to shame in quality for the same or lower price. Not in MD, however.

Yelp tags: Seafood

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