Schiphol Amsterdam Airport

+31 900 0141


5/5 stars

Oh, another 99% transfer review. I seem to spend a frightful amount of time in airports waiting on transfers.

Schiphol is fast, efficient, clean, well-organized, and easy to reach from Amsterdam proper. My one time with a sufficiently long layover let me run into Amsterdam, hang out at the Van Gogh museum, wander town, and come back without hassle. Had I realized there were in-airport showers, I would have been even happier. I haven't experienced those yet. Sounds like they have long lines, which makes sense.

The only drawback is less Schiphol's than Boingo's… The wireless. It's paid or http- and https-only. I have a subscription to Boingo, but it has *never* worked correctly in AMS. Hence, no VPN and no real email access. But I don't think it's Schiphol's problem, so I'm not docking them.

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