Santa Clara Marriott

  • Yeah, it's a hotel.
  • Blurry, but... The exercise room was excellent.
  • Wow. Water. And this area draws from the Sacramento river, some of the best water  anywhere.

2700 Mission College Boulevard
Santa Clara, CA 95054 USA
(408) 988-1500


4/5 stars

Oh, shiny. I rarely am put up at honestly fancy hotels. This is one. From the front desk where they were very willing to provide extra keys and were amazed that an individual wanted only one bed to the modern workout *rooms* and very pretty pool…

I could grow accustomed to this. Too bad I was there for only one night. The restaurant features local produce, but I couldn't partake. And my room was quite comfy, single bed, single key card, and all.

But I'm a state employee, so I won't grow accustomed to this any time soon. Nice walking distance to my (and others') meetings. Very well located. Workout rooms were *busy* in the wee hours. That's a good thing, visually at least. The help checking in with the specific questions was very well appreciated. My position in life couldn't, um, show my appreciation well. I imagine this hotel is quite popular with the single or available set.

Having to pay out the nose for network access seems distinctly European, however. Not even my various subscriptions that help at every other Marriott worked here. Thank the tax payers for my ability to respond to urgent email.

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