3205 Columbia Pike
Arlington, VA 22204 USA
(703) 524-2728


3/5 stars

My uneducated opinion: Solid, flavorful, satisfying food.

Bear in mind that I'm one of those people who **hates** cilantro. The cilantro in my chicken curry was *on* the curry, so I could remove it easily. After that, the flavor was delightful. And the garlic kulcha was very, very garlicy and yummy.

Our Indian colleague seemed satisfied, but not delighted. I was happy without being bowled over with wonderfulness. To me, this is a good restaurant for such solid basics as a Pasty American can appreciate.

And not only was our server very attentive (keeping our water glasses full), but also the owner made his rounds greeting everyone. That personal touch means quite a lot.

I suspect I'll be back to this area. I definitely will keep this local, independent restaurant in mind.

Yelp tags: Indian

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