Rumor Hazit

175 N. Main Street
Clayton, GA 30525 USA
(706) 782-1111


3/5 stars

Good food in a comfortable place. The deck is great, and I love the basil plants. My shrimp & grits were flavorful, stopping just at the lower border of rich, but the texture was spot-on. The service was excellent: attentive and prompt even when increasingly busy. The servings are generous; my shrimp & grits made two meals. (As a warning, there is a sharing fee.) The only drawback is that they feel a tad pricey. That's why I'm rounding a 3.5 down to 3… Well, that and the bizarre restriction against selling beer on Sunday.

I hate to admit that I didn't even notice the theme. Maybe it was the long drive, or maybe it's because I'm a Florida native. There definitely is a beach house theme, but I'm not sure I'd call it a Key West-specific theme.

Yelp tags: American (New) Caribbean

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