1397 N Highland Ave
Atlanta, GA 30306 USA
(404) 347-9747


5/5 stars

I haven't reviewed Rosebud? How? Oh, too busy eating.

The review in a word: *Squee*

In the times I've been here, I've always managed to see the same wonderful server. Even at the tail end of the Food 101 days. She's a delight and does know about everything on the menu. Her recommendations have been dead-on, even when they include ingredients I typically detest.

The food comes from fresh ingredients sourced as well as inhumanly possible. These folks support the Morningside Farmer's market that gathers outside on Saturdays. If you know the SF Bay area, imagine an *authentic* Southern feel in a reasonably priced restaurant around the Ferry Building. I said imagine because that would be impossible on many counts, but they've managed to find and nurture a similar idea here in Atlanta. Sticking to serious Southern influences helps them stick with local and seasonal ingredients when feasible, but they don't limit themselves. The menu feels like the chef is having fun with the boundaries.

I've had meat-heavy dishes (the sliders are more than an appetizer), things with mayo (that I *should* hate, but the Ahi tuna melt is amazing), a wonderful liver-pickle combo on toast… Can't even remember everything right now. It all has been great, and it's given me some fun ideas. Alas, I really can't cope with eggs, so a large swath of their brunch menu is inaccessible, but I'm quite happy with the remaining options. And if it says "Riverview Farms", eat it. They raise the best pig I've tasted in the area so far. (That farm also comes to the Morningside Market. Sometimes in "I dig the pig" shirts. Oh yeah.)

And with this crazy Monday $5 thing, well, *squee*.

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