Return To Eden

2335 Cheshire Bridge Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30324 USA
(404) 320-3336


3/5 stars

Return to Eden has a good balance of ingredients and pre-made items. Any store with rennet (vegetarian) as well as kefir and yogurt cultures receives the benefit of any doubt. Their prices often are on-par with Trader Joe's and YDFM, although occasional items are obscenely more expensive (e.g. almonds, broccoli seeds).

Return to Eden's bulk section seemed better than Sevananda's to me. Items seemed fresher, although I am not the most objective judge. That the smaller bins were more full may have influenced my opinion. That there *was* oatmeal in the bin also may have influenced me. The honey selection is unfortunate.

I tend to twitch whenever faced with "natural" cures and other unsupported claims, but these areas felt minimized here.

The bad part? The "fresh" ginger was moldy. And not in an intentionally fermented sense. Don't rely on the produce. Eggs? Um…

Yelp tags: Health Markets Grocery

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