Rainbow Orchards

2569 Larsen Dr
Camino, CA 95709 USA
(530) 644-1594


5/5 stars

I eat their apples almost every day during (and for a while after) season. They're at many local markets. They seem pricey, but always check the "cosmetically challenged" bin. Often you'll be surprised at what you find; most are perfectly fine for daily oatmeal, etc. The Pink Ladies rock, and their (semi?) heirloom Fuji variety is really exceptional. And they have Red Delicious apples that actually have flavor! Someone else from the east coast calls their apples the only good ones she's had since moving out west.

I haven't stopped by the orchard yet, but I'd love to try their famous doughnuts…

(Oh, and let their cider ferment "accidentally" in your refrigerator. It's ridiculously good as it is, but it's just obscene with a little fizz.)

Yelp tags: Fruits & Veggies

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