Rafeedie's Catering and Events

1099 Hemphill Avenue NW
Atlanta, GA 30318 USA
(404) 875-4406


3/5 stars

Rafeedie's is one of the approved caterers for Georgia Tech. In that light, their sandwiches are pretty good executions of the utter box-lunch basics. The fruit cups seemed more fresh than typical. The cookie seemed like it was baked and not defrosted and stuck in a dehumidifier. Definitely the best I've had from the approved caterers list, and they were zero hassle about ordering and delivery.

I know, that's not incredible praise, but yesterday's caterer… Well, Rafeedie's is the best I've had from the list. The list is only up for additions every five years. I'm not sure where in the cycle it is right now.

Yelp tags: Caterers

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