1071 Piedmont Rd
Atlanta, GA 30309 USA
(404) 881-0000


4/5 stars

Good place even with my bad, bad timing. I've only had pizza here. And only during the depths of winter, so far, far away from season for any of the ingredients. The pizza didn't suffer appreciably. The basil's scent was undiminished on the margherita, for example. The garlic on the knots could have been stronger, but I expect most people already would consider it spicy. The pizza's roughly a similar style to Antico (Neapolitan), but the two places don't compare directly. The ingredients, atmosphere, etc. are quite different. Quattro's pizza is quite good and stands on its own. I haven't tried the other dishes.

Our first trip, the service was fair. It was an off hour, and the coupon probably set up an expectation of being stiffed on the tip… The second trip saw astounding service from a different server. I had to use an expiring coupon meant for two people, so I ordered far, far too much. The waitress offered to delay one of the pizzas so I could take it home warm! I ended up eating both at once (*half* of both, ok, not the whole things) simply because I was impatient to taste them, but the offer was a great surprise.

Inside is a tad cramped. Somehow the servers move with ease. I stepped carefully. Outside looked great but was empty because of the below-freezing temperatures… I'm looking forward to visiting in the spring. Sad they don't have draft beer, but that's a minor point.

Yelp tags: Pizza

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