I'm not comfortable wearing free verse. So I've tried it again. I like imbuing structure, and this one didn't quite want it. Something here falls flat for me, too, but I'm feeling flat after the last week. I might have pushed the prompt-found phrase, one more for the road, too obviously.

dusky storms and a wren in the dark
calling out one more for the road
and really the clock nags it's time
to go to solo alone in place and
place one foot in front of the other
one. more for the road than the stop
that sequenced placement for progress
though pulling the stop alters tones
sounding out all crazy ideas stumbling
escorts the same simple route adding
one more. for the road home through
light splashes and wet beams is just
long enough for gestating ideas to
desires just one more step turn and
there's the door. in and hit the bed,
one moor'd fore. the road's outside
now and with it all those thoughtful
escorts dismissed by the nod with
not even a good night kiss.

If I wouldn't throw off the sampling, perhaps wearing better free verse would be my immodesty for Boobquake. Or I might throw off the sampling anyways.

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