Pine Terrace Apartments

1500 Pine St Apt 78
Concord, CA 94520 USA
(925) 827-1700


1/5 stars

Hm. It's difficult to be fair here, but I'll try.

The good: They allow pets. They were relatively inexpensive. Most families living there are wonderful people. The manager is nice to your face. Walking distance to BART, Panama Red, the farmers' market, and downtown. A gate keeps the worst out, when it works. These raised it to one star over none, mostly because the scale won't go let me give none.

The bad: 115 degrees F upstairs INSIDE during the summer. Repairs made incredibly slowly, if at all. Don't bother to report failed plumbing on the weekend when you're moving out; it won't be fixed. Steady rent increases with no improvements. Regular shootings and drug deals all around. Police chases through the property. They like to keep most of your deposit for problems you told them about. Has incredibly shoddy work done (e.g., the external painters painted over a trash water bottle, paint started peeling a week after it was completed, repaving covered a tiny, bizarre path into the parking lot).

In short, if you have pets, you may find you have little to no choice in where you live. This place can be made to work. But you won't sleep well. And you won't want to come home.

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