Pike Place Fish Market

  • In the midst, *midst* I tell you, of a toss to a happy, bold, cute tourist!
  • OMFG. In-season from the Pacific Northwest (OR up through AK).
  • So little odor that our cats cared only that there was a box to explore, not about the seafood.
  • Two massive gel packs kept my crabbies nice and chilled.
  • This is *after* being processed by Delta. Given how they treat luggage, the lack of damage is impressive.

86 Pike St
Seattle, WA 98101 USA
(206) 682-7181


5/5 stars

Two crab. TWO CRAAAAAB!!! Crab one. *swoosh* CRAAAB ONE!!! Crab two. *swoosh* CRAAAB TWO!!!

Ok, all reviews need taken in context. My context is as a visitor. Locals have more direct access to the docks at the right hours and the full thermos of coffee that helps establish a rapport with the fishermen. The prices here seemed on-par with other places in the market and Capitol Hill. The showmanship here exceeded the rest. As does the salesmanship. These folks could sell an unarmed kayak to a Bedouin.

The salesmen were generous with the samples. In season, fresh Dungeness doesn't need more than a quick taste. Boiled just right with all the wet sweetness these gorgeous beasts can provide… And then there's the smoked salmon…

The seafood is marked clearly by what's fresh and what's frozen. Anyone expecting fresh Gulf-coast shrimp to be sitting out in a Pacific market is, well, not so clear on reality. The fresh food looks back at you with clear eyes. There is no smell beyond your sampling fingers.

But we were staying at a mega-chain with no kitchen and frightful food prices. Couldn't partake properly of the seafood there, so I had to bring it home. *Had* to. Imperative. In-season Dungeness. Again, context. Bringing crabs home to my wife in this context is required. Others, well, it's up to your own relationship.

As far as I could tell, every seafood place in Pike Place will deliver to your hotel. This market's no exception. I didn't have to haul my load all over downtown as I maximized my per diem time. The folks here have the patience to handle those carefully choosing their crabs and also the knowledge to just pick some for you. The transport box is freakin' solid. Delta couldn't even ding it substantially. Two massive and *re-usable* gel packs kept our crabs chilled for over 36 hours (they state 48, but I didn't push it that far). There is no odor. Our cats didn't care about the box except that it's a box. Once opened and the inner layers of plastic removed, they just wanted to jump in and play.

Our crab now is secure. Don't even think about trying. Also don't even think about vacuum sealing. That route leads to cursing and pounding the cancel button. Oops. Lesson learned. Gonna be a pain to clean that one.

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