Piedmont Dog Park

1071 Piedmont Ave
Atlanta, GA 31136 USA
(404) 875-7275


3/5 stars

The renovations are fantastic. The park has grown by quite a bit. There are large rocks rather than benches in about half of the park, and the other half is open for ball-throwing. The rocks end up being benches, hurdles, wrestling mats… They're a great idea.

The water still is a problem. There's no drainage under the pumps, so they will become quite muddy. I don't understand why the renovation didn't include concrete or at least a gravel pit. But in all, a quite nice dog park.


0/5 stars

Our rescued from California streets, living on top of a mountain, muscle-bound min pin liked the park. Plenty to explore, and enough activity to interest him. We liked it, too, and didn't have issues with poor handlers. It seems a good dog park. Not out-of-this-world like Pt. Isabel in CA, but certainly good for a run. And then you can finish tiring out your pup with a long, leashed walk around the rest of the park.

Happily, our dog's not interested in water / the mud puddle by the pump, so I can't say much about the possible problems.

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