• ParkGrounds
  • ParkGrounds

142 Flat Shoals Ave SE
Atlanta, GA 30316 USA
(678) 528-9901


4/5 stars

I am caffeinated. Our dogs are exhausted. That's pretty much all that needs said… ParkGrounds is far more convenient for us than Piedmont Park. I agree that some of the dogs seem not to have supervision, but I've run into that at every park. We'll see if it becomes more of a problem for us here.

They were out of their main beans and had to scramble to put together a cup, but that's secondary. I see this place as a dog park first and coffee shop second. The inside felt nice for the minute or so I was inside. I was too busy trying to scoot through the patio fence without doggie accompaniment to notice much of the patio.

Yelp tags: Coffee & Tea Dog Parks Sandwiches

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