Papi's Midtown

216 Ponce De Leon Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30308 USA
(404) 607-1525


4/5 stars

Ok, I tend towards giving 4-star reviews. Four stars means I find *something* I really like. At Papi's, I really like how the fried plantains remind me of Tampa. It's that simple. The food always has made me happy, reminding me of places and times that may exist only in my imagination. The plantains are exactly how I remember them (regardless of any connection between memory and reality). And the specials are a great deal.

I'm glad I work just far enough away to make Papi's a rare visit. If it were closer to work than home, I might just "accidentally" forget to bring my lunch…

I've always had prompt service, but I also have come here mostly around lunch. They seem to have a good business crowd, and that crowd runs on a schedule.

Yelp tags: Cuban

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