Panera Bread

3393 Peachtree Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30326 USA
(404) 848-9997


3/5 stars

Yes, a chain. And a chain in an area that'll lease its soul as an extra storefront. I had an appointment across the street and needed a place to wait out the MARTA crowd afterward. I know Panera has wireless network access, so I could claim the time as working time. I also know to scout the area a bit better for the future.

Panera's Panera, hence ok and definitely a step up from fried snacks. The coffee's coffee. The pastry's flaky and vegetable-oil dull, probably made fresh in the early, early hours and still there at 5pm. I should have stuck with pan y cafe, but there didn't seem to be any smaller loaves left. Interesting people watching when you look up.

Yelp tags: Sandwiches Bakeries

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