Oz Pizza

2805 Main St
East Point, GA 30344 USA
(404) 761-7006


4/5 stars

This place needs Galaga. And Ms. Pac Man. And Centipede. And to have them playing just loudly enough that the beeps are heard throughout.

A 2010 pizza review in the Atlanta area must mention authenticity, right? Ok, then, this is authentically good. It's a neighborhood pizza joint. Their outdoor area makes me wish for nicer weather. The crust is firm and crispy, the pizzas are cooked and browned, and it's all tasty. I try to leave left-overs, and I end up eating so much that, well, there's not much point taking the rest home… chompchompchomp.

See, they need Pac-Man, too.


Yelp tags: Pizza

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