Old Town Gallery of Fine Art

218 Washington St
Auburn, CA 95603 USA
(530) 887-9150


5/5 stars

This gallery features local art and artisanal works. Most are not eternal masterpieces, but both I and my wife were shocked at the quality of most pieces. The works were not fundamentally shocking or unconventional, but they were very well executed. Maybe I'm jaded, but I don't think of the local, kinda small-town showcase as having to many excellent works. There were many very good sculpture pieces priced far, far under what they were worth. The paintings were good. Some technically were very good, but my tastes run towards the less conventional. Very good photographs as well.

I was cursing myself for still being a pathetically poor student. Many excellent pieces of different forms were UNDERPRICED but not cheap. There was one bird bath in particular that was at least 50% below what its price should have been in a more metropolitan area.

There are more artists listed at the web site (http://www.auburnoldto…) than I remember. Again, this is a local gallery. Don't expect every piece to be world-shattering. But we encountered some shocklingly excellent pieces on our visit . The physical pieces were the best by my feeling, but that's easy to say without the artists present. Definitely worth a stop if you're travelling between NV and CA on I-80.

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