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1009 Marietta St NW
Atlanta, GA 30318 USA
(404) 815-9886


5/5 stars

Update at Octane, update of review. I think their new (ok, not *that* new) extreme focus on quality is brilliant. Other places suffice for a quick coffee and mail check or long, cheap sit&study&work. People at Octane tend to stay there for a while, so why not serve *only* better, freshly brewed coffee? I hope it helps Octane by adjusting the amount people spend upwards, too.

(Only possible problem is over-extraction from sitting in the press pot too long… I, alas, haven't held back long enough for this to be a problem.)

The espresso-based drinks still are incredibly good. *All* the baristas are skilled in both quality and presentation. The Thursday Night Throwdown's a hoot; wish I could make it more often.

The sandwiches are great light lunches. They're fun, flavorful, and filling. The doughnuts are Sublime (ha!) and the opposite of light… The serious selection of beer and liquor along with desserts is great for non-work relaxation, too. Regional beer selection still is light, but that's because they have a wide variety on tap. I've only been to a few of the beer tastings held with Hop City, but I've come away having learned each time. Rotating art is taken seriously; Octane hosts openings for their artists' displays. Seems reasonably priced, but unfortunately I'm not in the market right now.

And the people who work/live/dream/play/laugh/talk there top it all off like the perfect foam art.


0/5 stars

Joy Division was playing when I first walked in. And the coffee is good. It's Counter Culture, so it's Counter Culture. The baristas are now regional champions. And they have Nutella muffins. A decent beer selection for the evenings, although the local and regional selection is slight.

Good place.

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