Octane Pocket Bar

600 Peachtree St NE
Atlanta, GA 30308 USA
(404) 965-4162


4/5 stars

If you enter from the Peachtree Street side, you'll see a big sign declaring that you must sign in to enter. And if you're not dressed in business attire, perhaps looking somewhat askew from forgetting your hairbrush and not fixing yourself up all pretty-ish after the gym, well… The security guard may not give the best of advice. Or even fully form words beyond "No." Maybe he needed coffee, too.

So come in from the *West* Peachtree side. Big difference that may not be apparent to non-natives like me. If one of the no-entrance doors happens to open, grab it. Otherwise walk in, turn right, turn right, and go all the way to the end of the long, no-entrance-door-lined hall.

Then obtain great coffee. Possibly along with Sublime doughnuts, King of Pops popsicles, and other yummy goodies. Have a nice conversation with the baristas. Overall find a nice, relaxing oasis in a very 80s office building. The pour-over coffee's quite good. I'm definitely more of a press-pot guy (I like chewing on my coffee), but this is well brewed. The Kenyan I had today had both that origin's characteristic brightness along with some nice fruit notes. Good stuff.

Yelp tags: Internet Cafes Coffee & Tea Sandwiches

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