Oak Street Cafe

  • Oak Street Cafe

8140 Oak St
New Orleans, LA 70195 USA
(504) 866-8710


4/5 stars

Pretty darned good food. I had a po'boy at the festival last weekend, and I returned to try them for a typical workday lunch. They have live music on a typical workday lunch. Good music. *This* is what I wanted to see in New Orleans. Happy. Good people working there, too. Relaxed and fun.

The po'boy at the festival was alligator. Typical alligator on good bread. Mine today was the "hot" sausage po'boy on not-quite-as-good bread. It also wasn't hot until liberal applications of hot sauce[1]. But the food is good for the price, and the atmosphere is incredible. I'm willing to try more of their menu… (I also don't like eggs, which rules out what many people like here.)

Note there's a minimum of $7 for card usage, but that's a sandwich. And sidewalk seating for good weather days.

I see some people talking about the good decor, some saying it has none… It's eclectic. And some of the decor isn't on the walls.

[1] Why does everyone use Crystal? I much prefer Louisiana Hot Sauce (the big red dot)…

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