New Orleans Convention Center

  • New Orleans Convention Center
  • New Orleans Convention Center
  • New Orleans Convention Center

900 Convention Ctr Blvd
New Orleans, LA 70130 USA
(504) 525-6814


2/5 stars

Feels strange writing a review for the entire center rather than each of its cavernous areas. But that's part of my bad impression… The 20 minute hike between the show floor at SC and the technical program made going back and forth difficult. I was stuck mostly in the booth, and others couldn't come back to relieve us during breaks in their technical programs.

The food court, etc.: Really? Really? You have banners up displaying New Orleans food, and you serve… ick. The smell alone drove me across the street to local eateries. While I'm glad for that, I feel badly for all those who couldn't venture out (again, in part because of the long hikes).

But the facilities otherwise are quite good. There's a roof. There are doors. There is room. And air conditioning. That pretty much covers the attendee considerations. The company managing the operations was responsive and good, too.

Addendum: There are almost no recycling containers. Given the amount of recyclable waste generated by a convention, that had me rather upset.

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