Morningside Farmer's Market

1393 N Highland Ave
Atlanta, GA 30306 USA
(404) 313-5784


4/5 stars

Now *that's* more like it. This is a market where you can get food. Fruits, veggies, eggs, beef, pork… Good variety and good prices. Not large by any stretch, but the variety and size work well together. Don't expect too many exotics; these are local farms.

Picked up a wonderfully fragrant cantaloupe, purple bell peppers, thick juicy tomatoes, lettuce, and carrots this week. Be sure to make a full tour before deciding. I'm kicking myself because I missed the purple carrots, although those didn't have the greens attached.

Even if I turn to CSAs for weekly produce, I'll likely stop here for extras and to try the meat. Yeah, meat at a farmer's market is pricey, but you'll find you need to eat about half as much to feel happy and satisfied. Seriously, real meat is that much better. I didn't see chicken, alas, and only one stall carries meat that I saw, but they're wearing shirts extolling the joy of pig. What possibly could go bad starting from there? Will definitely work some into my menu next week, and get here earlier.

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