Mocha Delites

  • Mocha Delites

1513 Cleveland Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30344 USA
(404) 762-7765


2/5 stars

One night at Corner Tavern, I heard someone exclaim that East Point doesn't have a coffee shop. I almost piped up mentioning Mocha Delites, just across the bridge. For once, however, I kept my mouth shut.

And now I agree. East Point doesn't have a coffee shop.

I'm out of coffee at home and thought it'd be a great excuse to check this place out. It's just a cookie-cutter office park lunch deli. My first warning was before I walked inside. The window has an offer for franchise opportunities painted along with the hours. In my experience, giving such prominence to franchise information means the company cares more about expansion than quality.

Second warning: The chairs are very, very quiet… Because they have tennis balls on each foot. While practical, this goes a long way to eliminating any possible atmosphere.

Walking up to the counter and seeing the equipment, I reconsider asking for a macchiato. It's not on the menu, anyways. I also reconsider any espresso drink. I'm a snob. So I just order a house coffee for here. And I'm given a styrofoam, to-go cup. That's all they have, hint hint. I fill it with, well, it's supposed to be coffee. People who dislike coffee sometimes joke about it being brown muddy water. This was just brown water. And it cost nearly what Octane charges.

East Point needs a coffee shop.

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