MIT Endicott House

  • Yeah, perhaps you MIT folks should stick to three letters.

80 Haven St
Dedham, MA 02026 USA
(781) 326-5151


3/5 stars

It's a fancy-ish hotel. Someone's dead relatives stare at you from many walls. They supposedly grow their own greens, which then are drowned in heaps and mounds of oil and vinegar. That said, the conference room was pretty nice. The v6 option would have been great had it been routed outside the conference room.

Also… No alarm clock. Really? Yes, my laptop works quite well as an alarm clock, but not leaving options is an interesting choice. The exercise room in the main building is kinda excruciating. Might work in the dead of Massatwoshits winter, but during the summer it's not quite good pain.

The killer part: The state of the tapestries and paintings is shameful. Tattered and dirty. The quality of the sleeping and conference rooms pulled it back to three stars. Otherwise this has all the trappings of stinky, decrepit old money.

Caveat: I'm Berkeley. This is MIT. So of course I'm going to laugh at the "exersize" room. Which, btw, has been re-purposed as another conference room.

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