Mirchi Wok

6365 Dobbin Rd
Columbia, MD 21045 USA
(410) 730-4689


3/5 stars

This is the meat-eating side of Mango Grove. It's ok, and apparently the best for quite some radius. Well, the *only* for quite some radius.

We invaded as a large, boisterous group and took up most of this side. The servers didn't quite seem to get that we wanted the chefs to make what they enjoy making. They seemed to want a list of what we wanted.

The food was good. Nothing too heavily spiced, which is kinda a shame, although I'm glad they're light on the cilantro. The lamb naan was a great, glutenous treat. There was a lentil dish I quite liked on top of the onion naan.

At the end, though, we felt somewhat overcharged. Perhaps it's partially our fault for not keeping track of what's served.

Yelp tags: Indian

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