Midtown Tavern

554 Piedmont Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30308 USA
(404) 541-1372


5/5 stars

Yes, a rapid update. I just watched Erin handle a really distasteful (and new) crowd with aplomb while making it clear to the regulars what's going on. Impressive and *exactly* what you want from a neighborhood joint.

Midtown is a local joint. *Local*. Seriously local. But makes everyone feel at home, even if you're boorish.

I feel badly not giving other local establishments a similar chance, but I don't go out much. Midtown is comfy and large enough that I can sit away from the smoke.


0/5 stars

I have a tough time reviewing Midtown. It's walk/stumble/crawl distance from where I'm living right now, so I definitely have a bias in favor of Midtown. I've avoided reviewing it because it *is* so close to me, and I'm never quite sure how I feel.

Nights can be crawling with fratcritters. Their behavior is atrocious, misogynistic, and tolerated by their sorocritter companions.

But other times, Midtown is a very good neighborhood bar. I'm sitting here watching the gold metal men's hockey match. We pretty much all recognize each other. Everyone's chatting and cheering and having a damned good afternoon.

Isn't that the point? This is a neighborhood place. Not just by locale, but because this is how you build a neighborhood. People hanging out. Talking. Enjoying an afternoon. Good brew, reasonable food (this is a *bar*, so very good for a bar), and a full bar for when things aren't going so well.

*And* they have live music on Saturdays, karaoke on Fridays, and host other events. And wi-fi for when you are working from, ahem, home. I haven't looked for plugs, but modern battery technology renders plugs less necessary.

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