Midtown Mediterranean Diner

112 10th St
Atlanta, GA 30309 USA
(404) 228-7401


2/5 stars

I let this one sit in my mind and… macerate? marinate? Some word that fits.

I was with friends and stopped by here late-ish one Friday evening a bit ago. Hopes were high for a 24-hour place. Hopes were dashed against the sharp stones of vicious reality. I might remember the service… No, wait, there wasn't any…

Why two stars? Well… The evening we were there, this definitely could be classified as a fetish bar. A somewhat main-stream fetish, but still a fetish. Not to my taste, and I couldn't fit into this fetish even if I wanted to do so. Fetishes have their place, and if the Fridays here fit your taste, go for it. Now I know.

The atmosphere really could be nice. The elements are there, good location… sigh. Perhaps I'll try this place again during some more neutral time.

Yelp tags: Mediterranean

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