2424 Piedmont Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30324 USA
(404) 237-6641


1/5 stars

This review is relative to other mass transit systems. No, really… Even BART, which regularly would leave me stranded underneath tons of rock or tons of water in one of the most geologically sensitive areas of the US.


Ok. Somewhere between 11pm and 12am, you shut down the Midtown MARTA station. There are times posted until around 2am. Sometime later you shut down the North Ave. station… Eventually I reach a station that's open, but the southbound platform is closed. Um. What? I find a MARTA "assistance" phone, and am told that I need to catch the train along the northbound side. Um. What? Sign? Anything? No? Really? At least *some* train will take me home, although I spend my time worrying that either my station will be closed (it's happened in the past, thanks) or that the train will just decide not to stop there.

Even with the threat of death at any time, BART at least stuck to its schedule of when stations are open. MARTA? Um, no. And if you're looking for pity about being so top-heavy in management, look elsewhere.

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