Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport

900 Airline Dr
Kenner, LA 70062 USA
(504) 303-7500


1/5 stars

Rinky-dink in such a major destination? Odd. Pretty much nothing open pre-security, and pretty much nothing worth eating post-security.

And I didn't even get the complimentary TSA hand-job. hmph. Some else I know received the full-body feel-up. She's hot, and I guess I'm not.

*However*, the single bar did have Abita SOS. And knew what they were serving. That bumps it up a bit. As does the delightful company while waiting. Received excellent advice about spaying services.

But feeling up my friend? No. Even that cannot overcome serving SOS (which benefits Gulf coast habitat restoration). MSY needs to join Orlando in dumping TSA. Just say no to feeling up people non-consensually.

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