Los Angeles International Airport - LAX

1 World Way
Los Angeles, CA 90045 USA
(310) 646-5252


1/5 stars

Where do I start?

Ok, I know where. I end up connecting through LAX. So I'll end up reviewing their connecting opportunities. Hence the single star. I haven't had a chance to review anything else. I'm too busy sprinting to catch my connection even given a "two hour" lay over.

Why is two hours tight? It involves the connector trams. Once you *find* the tram gate (which is terribly well hidden in almost plain sight), you end up on the poor bus. The bus that has to stop for every airplane. At an airport. Who ever would have thought that an *AIR*port would have *AIR*planes on every runway?!?!?

I've never missed a connection. But I also never have eaten more than a sandwich grabbed from unfriendly, unhelpful employees at LAX. The connector and gate folks are ok, but they know quite clearly how painful LAX is. I also have tried *driving* past LAX. Seriously.

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