Loard's Ice Cream & Candies

230 Brookwood Rd
Orinda, CA 94563 USA
(925) 254-3434


5/5 stars

Sweet and creamy in just about every way imaginable. This is serious ice cream. If you like foofy things with delicate, barely noticeable imaginings of flavor, then please leave space at the counter for serious ice cream lovers.

These folks also have sugar in many different forms. Including sugar Legos(tm)! Build your own sugar Tokyo and be a sugar-breathing Godzilla! The staff seems to enjoy watching what happens when people ingest far more than their FDA daily allowance of sugar, and they always seem in high spirits. Probably a contact sugar high.

Loard's is yet another reason to see movies in Orinda Theater.

Yelp tags: Candy Stores Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

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