2685 Metropolitan Pkwy SW
Atlanta, GA 30315 USA
(404) 761-7409


2/5 stars

I feel bad verbally trashing this place after its patrons have done such an incredible job physically trashing it. This place is a reflection of the transitional area. There is a security perimeter past the checkout area. They have the most organized restock system I've ever seen, implying that it's used frequently. The checkout lines are long, but there are many registers and all were staffed. The folks working them seemed to move as quickly as possible. I can't imagine working in such a depressing environment.

However, they do have real Coke and some damned good ginger beer available all the time, adding one star. If you feel safe enough (or are, like me, oblivious enough), head to the back left corner of the store and pick up yummies.

Everyday food? Nope. Worth a longer trip to go elsewhere. Everything's the cheapest, most mass-market and processed goo available, adding to that horrific cycle where labor and growers aren't paid enough and thus can afford only the junk they're told to produce. I'm not sure how to break out of that cycle, but I don't think buying here helps.

Yelp tags: Drugstores Grocery

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