King Pin Donuts

  • King Pin Donuts

2521 Durant Ave
Berkeley, CA 94704 USA
(510) 843-6688


5/5 stars

Get coffee here? Um, no. Expect always-on service? Um, no. Donuts? YES. Seriously strong donuts. I can manage one of the larger buttermilk donuts and one more typical glazed. I typically used to buy three and regretfully let one go partly to waste. I swore I wouldn't do it again. But I did. Oops.

The chocolate coated donuts don't have too much chocolate, just a nice glaze. The old-fashioned have a nice crunch in parts. The buttermilk cinnamon lumps? Whoa. Kingpin donuts are the heavy style. There is a place out near Pacheco I used to like more for everyday donuts, but Kingpin won for hard-core splurge donuts. Still does, even compared to the places I know in Atlanta. No funky flavors here, just solid, well-made donuts.

I sent a photo of the sign to a friend who served at Berkeley around the same time. His response: "Jealous." Indeed.

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