Kate's Paperie

435 Broome St
Manhattan, NY 10013 USA
(212) 941-9816


3/5 stars

A caveat: I first encountered Kate's on Broadway over a *cough*decade*cough* ago when there was little hope of affording anything. Kate's introduced me to the idea of a Pearl-sized store centered around paper. So I'm a bit prejudiced towards Kate's. I hold too many memories of flirtation and unrequited desire.

This micro-Kate's isn't too bad. It's pretty, and that's pretty important for selling pretty paper and related pretty things. But… The pre-written cards were cute, but nothing I can't find here at home. I prefer artists and designers local to the store when possible, and I couldn't find any. The relatively small selection of papers weren't clearly marked for price, so evaluating the 30% and 50% off was impossible. But the paper and cards are so pretty, and that really is the point of a place like Kate's.

The people working there were quite helpful and nice. I know nothing of how the larger company handles its workers, although some of the other comments make me want to know more.

I needed a new pocket notebook, and Kate's had what I needed on sale. I didn't know it was on sale until the friendly cashier rung it up, however. I might have bought two had that been marked…

Yelp tags: Cards & Stationery

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