Kaladi Coffee

621 W 6th Ave
Anchorage, AK 99501 USA
(907) 277-1881


3/5 stars

Firmly ok. The coffee's quite good; they seem to stick to rather up-front, clean varietals. The space is comfortable if a tad sterile. The hours aren't bad. The location is great, and there's no push for you to leave quickly. Kaladi's a good stalwart against the ultra-corporate homogenized places.

I twitch a bit at the misinformation on some of the large coffee posters, however. High-altitude is not synonymous with good, and the implication that lower altitude coffee is of lesser quality is utterly wrong. Similarly, storing coffee isn't as simple a trade-off as depicted.

But their specific style of coffee is quite good.

Yelp tags: Coffee & Tea

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