2181 Shattuck Ave
Berkeley, CA 94704 USA
(510) 843-8277


3/5 stars

This place has quite a few things going for it, but they don't quite bring me to fan status. The pizza's ok. I used to like it much more, but I think my taste buds have, um, matured a bit. The Andromeda is a good base, and the small is a good personal size. It always has seemed a tad on the greasy side. The patio is wonderful during most of the year.

I think I finally figured out why the beers have never bowled me over. The flavors are muddled. Even the double-IPA Quasar lacks the crispness I prefer. It doesn't lack in punch; remember that quasars pulse strongly. The Red Spot's flavor seems flat.

Campus wireless spills over if you can use it. That may not be a good thing for people looking to escape work. Service often is slow but not lackadaisical. I've never seen servers lounging around ignoring people, but it definitely takes a little while to receive another drink or your check.

Yelp tags: Pubs Pizza Breweries

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