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  • Johnny's Pizza & Subs

340 Church St
Decatur, GA 30030 USA
(404) 373-8511


3/5 stars

I've been trying to stop here since I caught a glimpse of the mural. The Ramones and KISS? Hell yeah.

So I stop in for NY style street slices… The deal is quite good: $5 for two slices and a drink! I didn't eat it properly; I sat down and used silverware. That said, the slices were just fine. Not great, but good. Overall, the sauce seemed a little flat. As I've said elsewhere, I'm a picky bastard.

This three stars might be too low even though A-OK is a *good* rating. The motif of the place is good. Punk enough, and plenty of advertisement for live and local music. And Joey is looking down from the men's room door. I should have had something yellow to drink in tribute, but I didn't even know they served beer.

This place would rate much, much higher for high-school and early college students. And if it felt a little less suburb. But they're bringing the spirit out to the 'burbs, so perhaps I'm being harsh.

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