Java Mama Cafe

6818 Highway 441 N
Rabun, GA 30537 USA
(706) 746-4470


4/5 stars

Oh, I should not have gotten both the mocha cupcake and a coffee on my drive back to Atlanta. I'm going to be far too awake.

This cafe is a great place to stop, stretch, relax, and chat. They carry Counter Culture coffee, but they make their own blend and take their own notes on the flavors. Quite knowledgeable about the coffee and the origins. The cupcake was nifty. It was a bit more cake than many cupcakes, but that does really well with coffee. The icing was, ahem, rich. I should have eaten half…

This place has become a fairly regular stop for myself and my wife on voyages between Atlanta and SW Virginia. There's always a crowd of locals, and everyone's very friendly. Beware that they're closed on Thursdays.

(And gas in this general area is the cheapest until NE Tennessee. Fill up before NC or venturing further south in GA.)

Yelp tags: Coffee & Tea

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