850 Northside Dr NW
Atlanta, GA 30318 USA
(404) 607-1196


2/5 stars

California spoiled me for more than just food. Good Vibes, Stormy Leather, and crew set the bar for these stores much higher. You feel perfectly comfortable wandering in and browsing. The stores select their wares with customers' health, safety, and fun in mind.

This store, Inserection, is more of what is all too typical. The walls are lined with plastic blister packs wrapped around semi-generic toys. No special care is taken about phthalates, little for people with latex allergies, etc. They don't seem to have general equipment like soft cotton ropes, and they also don't have the pretty, higher-end toys that make browsing fun. They do have row after row of practically the same thing with different labels catering to the standard stereotypes. And a big video section, which confuses me in an area covered by broadband.

So yes, I've experienced better. Sorry. Atlanta definitely could use a more relaxed store with a better selection, but that always ends up becoming a zoning fight. sigh.

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