Hudson Grille

942 Peachtree St
Atlanta, GA 30309 USA
(404) 892-0892


3/5 stars

Oooommmm… Trying to channel my inner khaki pants and light blue dress shirt-wearing inner sports bar person… hm. That person seems to busy insulting the rest of me. I hated high school & jr. high.

This isn't my type of place. Obviously. I promised myself I'd use various on-line deals to try places that *aren't* my type of place. That's how I ended up here a little while back.

I'm giving them a 3-star, good rating by averaging against what I *guess* their target market wants. I hesitated over reviewing them at all… I'm not planning on returning. It's not that it's *bad*, it's just not my thing. I kinda wish it weren't anyone's thing, but I'm not the oracle of all things good.

I had, of course, a hamburger. The cow was dead in both life and flavor. I don't hate harping on it; I've come to prefer grass-fed, aged beef. It has flavor. This? Um. Oh, that's bacon? hm. The fries were good, though. At this point, it should be very obvious that I'm downright snooty about certain types of food. Snotty? Other people mention healthier fare. Um. Sports bar. Healthy is not compatible.

Beer? They have it. Given other places nearby, well… Don't go here for a beer selection. It suffices and is OK.

Curling? During the winter Olympics (TM, R, and sue your butt off for using that word). Many TVs. Bright TVs. Mostly playing things about which I don't care. But they did have curling, which I've managed to find interesting. Pool + bocci. Like baseball, only novel and rare enough to maintain my interest for the 30s between commercials.

Service was great. I am *obviously* not someone who feels comfortable here, but they still tolerated my taking up a table as people accumulated at the door. I have to say that "average" service in Atlanta is a far step above good service in other places I've been So the service is "average" here only because the bar is much, much higher. Compared to, say, San Francisco in my experience, the service would be stunningly stellar. Everything was prompt and exactly as advertised. No hurrying and no pestering. Knowledgeable about the (meager) offerings.

If you want a standard sports bar for other peoples' sake, this is a good place. It's "local" yet generic, so your guests can say they've been somewhere different without actually experiencing anything different. And sometimes that's hugely important. (Hey, I need to get paid, too. Making the people with the money happy is hugely important.)

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