House of Blues

225 Decatur St
New Orleans, LA 70130 USA
(504) 310-4999


2/5 stars

House of Blands. Disclaimer: I was here for a packed vendor event. The food? Eh. The drinks? Heavy enough pour given that so few people tip at these events. The band? sigh. They were tight, but they were acting as a basic rock cover band. I'd love to hear them really perform.

Staff managed the packed house quite well. Food never ran out. While that might mean people stopped eating it, it really means they kept it as "fresh" as possible given what they were serving. Trust me, most people at these events don't care about quality. It's free, so they'll eat it.

I consider this another stamp on my tourist card. The one in Las Vegas was a bit better, but we went in there with low expectations (and their daily breakfast deal).

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