Hop City

1000 Marietta St
Atlanta, GA 30318 USA
(404) 350-9998


5/5 stars

Ok, definitely long overdue for an update. The brewing component keeps growing and growing and reaches that fifth star. Hopefully by the end of summer I'll start seriously shopping the brewing supplies. They definitely have ramped up with interest, and they help interest people in brewing with their tastings and discussion.

Beer? Wheeeee! Many kinds, many styles, many opinions, and *no* snooty reactions. They know that different people enjoy different tastes, and they're willing to help anyone find their favorites. They're genuinely interested in helping you enjoy and, if you want, expand your tastes.

I haven't sampled the wine side yet. I'm kinda lame that way. I go for expensive beer and cheap wine. Once my wife is here, though, that scale may tip a bit.


0/5 stars

Yeah! I remember first visiting Octane, looking across the street, and seeing what looked like a homebrew shop opening… Very happy idea. Then they opened. Very happy reality.

They have a great selection, good prices, good wines, and good advice. The folks there have tried everything about which I've asked on the beer side (though not while working, as far as I can tell).

The only reason this is 4 rather than 5 is the selection of yeast. The yeast seems to be in back and not out for inspection… I had wanted a cider yeast for making ginger ale, but I couldn't remember the type and couldn't browse to shake out the memories. I used to live near Beer, Beer and More Beer, so I find that unfortunate. Seeing the little yeasties is inspiring. But the focus of Hop City is far more on consumption that home brewing, which makes sense for a retail store.

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