Honda Accurate Automotive Service

2163 Piedmont Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30324 USA
(404) 873-6425


1/5 stars

You know, it really sounds like they bust a nut in our wheel well. No remnants have fallen out, but that's the sound of our car after a "tune-up." The most expensive tune-up I've ever had, involving a rental car, mileage dropping by over 10mpg (extra sticky, perhaps?), and the need to see another mechanic. But, as the large sign behind their befuddled receptionist says: "No refunds."

This is the kind of place that makes me wonder why people keep working when they take no pride in their work. The main mechanics' ears now are finely attuned to a noise that garners sympathetic looks from pedestrians two streets over. It took them quite a long time even to admit that those loud metalic scrapes and constant rattling existed.

And then came the excuses. Oh, the excuses. They wandered such a range that I expected to hear of cloud formations, bird droppings, and tea leaves. But never fear, every anonymous Honda expert in Atlanta dropped whatever they were doing to come to this garage and check our car. That I let this assertion pass doesn't mean I'm gullible, it means I already don't believe anything you say. This was over the phone. The mechanic wasn't around when I picked up my car. I'm guessing the mechanic was among the crowd checking a younger lady's emissions.

Of course they couldn't find any problem, and of course the car would be completely fine for ever and ever. Otherwise they'd be on the hook for the rental. Yes, we had to rent a car for a trip because of their tune-up. A separate mechanic heard our car and told us there was no way he'd take that on any long drive.

No refunds? Yes, that's Accurate.

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