Hilton Arlington & Towers

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950 N Stafford St
Arlington, VA 22203 USA
(703) 528-6000


2/5 stars

The good bits: Prime location. Excellent desk staff. Cool barkeep.

The WTF: The water in my iron flowed freely all over the shirt I was going to iron… They replaced the iron quickly, but irons in the "executive suites" likely should *work*. And the bathroom is bizarrely tiny. The door only barely clears the toilet and must be closed to use anything other than the sink. That's a bit pointless when you're the only one in the room.

The cruddy: Paid network access (although accepts Boingo). Really, really high prices thanks to having a captive, funded audience (people visiting the NSF and other agencies).

And on the catered food for our meetings… When you cannot identify refried beans, there's a problem. The food generally didn't cause stomach upset, but its appearance had me worried. The food's flavor wasn't objectionable. Said flavor would have to *exist* to be objectionable.

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