Harvest Table Restaurant

  • Worth the wait.
  • Farmer's Guild to the left, Harvest Table to the right
  • Amazing wait staff...

13180 Meadowview Square
Meadowview, VA 24361 USA
(276) 944-5140


5/5 stars

At a special event (Local Foods Celebration for the Virginia Highlands Festival), they seated a full restaurant at the same time. The menu naturally was limited, but this situation is where you see the quality not only of the food but also the wait staff. There weren't many, but they were incredibly efficient. No one had to wait an overly long time for food, and drinks were kept full.

This is on top of the local food emphasis and high quality. Gazpacho with truly fresh vegetables. Meat you can almost meet. Good stuff.

Oh, and the candy orange slices you can find in the adjacent Meadowview Farmers' Guild (general store) are GREAT!

Yelp tags: American (Traditional)

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